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Hi, my name is Bruce Gleasman and I am the owner and worker for BG Home Repair and Care. It's sometimes helpful to know a little about a person before you hire them to do important work for you. So I'm providing this summary and hope you find it useful.

After 29 good years at Eastman Kodak, I retired as an environmental consultant for businesses within the company.  This means I took complex regulations and made them usable for the work place.  Working with people from the shop floor to senior vice presidents, we worked to ensure that Kodak was compliant with environmental regulations every day.

Back then, when I got home from work, I was always working on a project to improve our home.  With our first home, a 1920's Dutch Colonial, I finished our attic into a master suite which included a bathroom, walk-in closet, and sitting area (500 sq ft in total).  I finished the trim work all in oak, which had been purchased as dried, rough lumber.  Our house sold in one day because of these improvements (and perhaps the better housing market of the 90's). 

In our second home, I gutted the kitchen, added a laundry room, made a game room out of an attached garage, gutted two bathrooms and refurbished one, made a vaulted ceiling in our master bedroom, made built-in cabinets, organized areas with shelves, dry walled, painted, did some minor electric and plumbing, and made it all happen while we lived in the house.

My buddy and I built a 16' x 16' cabin, making creative use of that small space. It's relatively comfortable when you just really need to escape to a slower paced environment.

Then we moved to Texas and I helped our high school sophomore adjust to a new school.  Truth be told, he helped me adjust too.  But I soon found that I got bored by Wednesdays, so I started up a successful home repair business.  I loved the variety of the requests, providing reliable services to folks who needed and appreciated them, and meeting the challenges of owning my own business.

To round out my experience, my wife and I moved here to Transylvania County and we decided that I would be the owner/builder for our home here.  What a journey!  She tells me that I did a terrific job managing all aspects of this large project - from the conceptual - siting the house and the design, to the details of identifying skilled partners, purchasing fixtures, doors, etc. swinging a hammer as well as a paint brush.  We love our home and we're happy to be in this wonderful part of the country.

We've noticed here in western North Carolina, there are a lot of beautiful vacation homes.  In addition to home repair, I am expanding into home care.  Together we can establish a list of things for closing up your house for an extended absence and those I will check or do while you're gone.  I will provide a watchful eye for your home and send you reports, complete with photos, so that the time away will be less stressful.

Hopefully you get from this summary, that I've had a lot of experience doing things on my own and working with others.  I've worked with some great people, but also have had some frustrations along the way.  All of these experiences have molded my working principles which I am committed to meeting for you:

Return phone calls within 24 hours (unless on vacation and you'll know that by my message)
Arrive within specified time range
Fully insured
Clean up before I leave
No tobacco products and I don't drink alcohol (ever)
No foul language while I'm at your home
Any overruns compared to my estimate, will be approved by you prior to me doing the extra work
Basically operate on a philosophy of mutual respect

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